Steel Building Technical Specs

Building Loading
General Basic design loads shall include live, snow, wind and earthquake (if applicable) in addition to dead load. All loading shall be in accordance with the governing building code as prescribed by local building authorities. Snow and Wind Load Design snow and wind load shall be based on the specified ground snow load and wind pressure respectively. Distribution of loading over the building envelope shall be in accordance with the applicable governing building codes for the location involved. Seismic Loads If applicable, the effect of dynamic loads must be considered in combination with other loads.

Design and Plans
Plans and Specifications The manufacturer shall submit plans and specifications in sufficient detail to establish the design of the structure under consideration, including but not necessarily limited to, all loading conditions, material grades and geometry of the panel section. Design Certification upon request, the manufacturer shall furnish a letter of design certification signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer.

Materials shall be new and shall meet or exceed the mechanical and physical properties required by the design and the fabrication process.

Material Certification
Upon request the manufacturer shall furnish a letter certifying that current inventory materials meet or exceed the mechanical and physical requirements of the design and fabrication process. Laboratory or mill test reports of current inventory materials shall be available for inspection if required.

Fabrication tolerances shall not exceed those recommended by the governing building codes.

Fastener location and spacing shall be in accordance with manufacturer's standards for the roof and wall panels. Basic structural fasteners are as follows: Indented Hex Washer Head Machine Screws, Organic Coating, Assembled with Neoprene Washers
5/16 - 18 tpi X 3/4"
5/16 - 18 tpi X 1"
Square Machine Screw Nuts, Organic Coating
5/16 - 18 tpi

Manufacturer shall provide, when requested, quality metal building tape sealant for all roof seams and joints. Sealant is a butyl rubber compound used to seal panels against air, dirt, ice and water. Material is compatible with most plastics, foams, rubber and other metal building components.

Sectional Overhead Doors and Roll Up Doors
Framed openings shall be all steel heavy-duty bolted construction. Type of door, hardware required and glazing shall be furnished, installed and painted by others.

Manufacturer's Warranty shall warrant the following:
1) All buildings are designed in accordance with the local governing building code to withstand the published wind and snow loadings when provided by the seller to the manufacturer.
2) All materials will be free of defect in material and workmanship.

All stroage structures have unique compact stacking capability due to the nesting of the standard panel components. This stacking feature greatly reduces the bulk found in normal building construction and reduces freight costs.

The manufacturer supplies detailed comprehensive erection guides and blueprints for all building models. These erection guides contain valuable information to minimize construction problems and speed up installation.

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